"The team at Mountain Park helped me lease out my Calgary Executive Rental for an extended period of time and made the process so easy. They looked after everything. I highly recommend Mountain Park Real Estate for your executive rental needs."

Chris Hamilton, Calgary
Property Management

We understand the direct relationship between great property management, maximizing cash flow, and creating long-term value. Whether your objectives include maximizing income, tenant retention, or simply improving the quality of your tenant mix, Mountain Park Real Estate can help.

Executive Rentals

Executive rentals are in high demand, so we bridge the gap and make it easy for property owners looking to rent by placing the tenant, arranging the lease, managing the property, and depositing the income directly into your bank account.

Selling Your Property

At Mountain Park Real Estate, our team of qualified professionals has the skills, experience and access to technology to sell your property for the highest possible price and in the shortest amount of time.

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Our Specialities

Calgary is home to many fine property management companies and we are proud to be considered as an option for your property management needs. We take a systematic approach to property management, focusing on the strengths of your property as we find an ideal balance with both financial and lifestyle concerns. We believe that to be an effective property management firm that we need to remain responsive and adaptable to Calgary’s changing market conditions and demands.

With a favorably low vacancy rate among rental properties in Calgary, many renters are looking for executive rental options. We can help if you are looking to maximize the value that your executive rental can offer tenants while simultaneously receiving fair market value for rent. As a hub to many transient industries, Calgary is uniquely positioned in the executive rental landscape. For this reason we apply a professional and rigid approach to finding the right tenants for your executive rental property.

We can assist in every aspect of the rental process, from inception to tenant placement. We’d love to hear from you to learn more about how we can assist renting and/or managing your executive rental property.

As expert negotiators and real estate professionals, Mountain Park Real Estate can assist you throughout the sale process. Like many real estate firms, we focus on bringing maximum value from the sale of your property. However, unlike many real estate firms, we seek to build long-lasting relationships with our clients based on trust, performance, and value.

If you are considering selling your property, or are looking for new real estate professionals to represent your already-listed property, we would love an opportunity to learn more about how we can assist. Our team a licensed real estate and mortgage professionals know the Calgary market inside and out and are prepared to show you what that experience means throughout the sale process.

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